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JEE/CET Training

One of the most significant phases in an applicant’s life is the engineering entrance exams. At this point, the exam, college, and course they choose will determine their entire future. As a result, many students fret frequently about which exam, in terms of difficulty level, is best for them. Since both entrance exams provide BTech admissions into reputable institutions, JEE Main and CET are frequently compared. Unlike JEE Main, which offers BTech seats at IIITs, NITs, and GFTIs, CET has a long list of reputable state universities on its resume. The applicants can choose the appropriate route by being aware of the key distinctions between these two exams.

Preparing for MHT-CET and JEE Main at the Same Time

Step 1: Set a schedule based on relevant subjects. Divide the subjects into manageable chunks so you can finish them before December. Any one subject, any two subjects, or all three subjects could be represented by the topics. You must allot four hours each topic per day, in addition to managing your tutoring (if enrolled for one). The Triumph series from Target Publications, which is available in combo and individual series, is a comprehensive source of information for MHT-CET preparations. Additionally, the sample exam questions at the end of each book are a useful tool for evaluating your exam preparation.

Step 2: Review literature that top students have recommended. Utilize resources created by knowledgeable mentors. Refrain from moving between guides. The total exam preparation may be impacted by this.

Step 3: If you faithfully followed Step 1, you would have finished learning all the topics by December after six months. You now have the following three months to devote to your JEE Main preparation. The Absolute and Challenger series from Target Publications make it easier to get ready for JEEMain. The reference books assist students in understanding topics and in learning formulas, shortcuts, and questions based on theory. Additionally, the books help kids comprehend how questions can vary. A large collection of questions also includes additional questions from different entrance examinations and competitive exams. They can efficiently prepare by using exam questions from the previous year as a guide.

Step 4: After finishing your 12th Board exams, begin reviewing the material in preparation for the exams. You should have completed exam papers and last year’s papers in the previous month by creating a schedule.

Step 5: Complete online Test Series and Mock Tests because the MHT-CET and JEEMain will both be administered online starting in 2019. This will improve your time management skills and raise your grade. The MHT-CET and JEE Main Online Test Series from Target Publications is a thorough tool for evaluating your readiness. The online model examinations are practice exams that include solutions, allowing students to go over them repeatedly.

CET vs. JEE Main: Which Test Is Harder?

Both the highly regarded engineering entrance exams JEE Main and CET are taken by numerous candidates. Since CET is thought to be at the same level as JEE Main, the difficulty levels of JEE Main and CET are frequently compared.


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